‘Agar darshi’ : Bijay Singh says the PM is a ‘big boy’

The leader of the Congress-led alliance government in Rajasthan is facing questions about the credibility of a statement he made on Tuesday that the Narendra Modi government has been an “out-of-control government” and not one that was “properly run”.

In a joint press conference with the president of the United States, Mr. Singh was asked whether the government was running like a “big boy” in the state and whether he had ever seen any of his colleagues in the Opposition, especially the opposition parties, being so arrogant.

Mr. Modi has been criticised for his handling of the drought crisis and the recent Supreme Court judgement.

Mr Singh said the “unbelievable” situation had been faced and he was hopeful that the new government would tackle the problems that had been facing the people of the state.

Mr. Singh also said the BJP-led government was not a “corporate government” but a “state government”.

“The BJP has been a state government.

I am not sure if you are aware of this, but it is the same government as the Congress,” he said.

“The BJP government is a corporate government and it has been working like a big boy.”

Mr. Modi’s government has struggled to keep its promise of reducing the number of days of drought, but the number has fallen sharply.

The last five days of the monsoon season have been the worst on record.

On Monday, the Congress criticised the statement by Mr. Bijey Singh, saying that it was “very unfortunate” that he had been asked about the government’s record.

“We are disappointed that the Chief Minister had said that the government has run like a ‘mega-corporation’.

But this is the government of the country.

We have no doubt that the BJP government was a functioning and effective government.

The BJP has to show a better governance model,” Congress state president Ashish Shelar said.

The Congress government has said that it would “work with the government to implement the programme implemented by the previous government”.