‘Engineered hard wood flooring’ used in the new Indian Air Force plane

The Indian Air force has introduced a new type of engineered hardwood furniture for its new aircraft, with the aircraft’s first flight scheduled for this month.

The plane, the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

(HAL) Dornier E300, has a new hardwood-flooring construction that allows the aircraft to achieve a greater thermal resistance, the company said in a statement.

The company also said the aircraft has a “better cabin-air flow” due to its higher heat-resistant material.

The new hardwoods are sourced from the Himalayan foothills and Himalayan rainforests of India, and were produced at HAL’s facility in Mahanagar in Gujarat, the statement said.

The Hindustani hardwoods were used to make the aircrafts “cabin-air” flow system, which helps reduce fuel consumption by about 45 per cent compared to conventional wood, the firm said.

“The thermal resistance and the cabin-exhaust flow-control is very much in line with the specifications of the aircraft,” HAL chief executive Praveen Jain said in the statement.

“In terms of the thermal resistance in the cabin and exhaust, we have come very close to what the aircraft can handle,” he added.

The Boeing 737, a commercial airliner, and the Airbus A350 family of planes are the two most widely used military aircrafts in the world, with over a billion flight hours logged in the past decade.