How Google’s AI Engine Got Its Name “Best Search Engine”

It’s not uncommon for search engines to get their own brand names.

And with the Google AI Engine, it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a search engine at all.

Instead, the company called it “AI Engine.”

It’s a brand name that refers to the AI technology that powers the search engine, Google’s own artificial intelligence, which is powered by artificial intelligence software called Google Now.

Google announced the AI Engine at its Google I/O developer conference in May.

Google Now is an AI assistant that runs on the company’s Google App Engine, the search giant’s mobile and web services.

Google and its partners like Apple and Facebook use AI to help them deliver more relevant search results, improve user experience and deliver better advertising.

In May, Google announced the search engines AI Engine that powers Google Now and Google Maps.

But it was unclear what the name was going to be.

It was a bit more of a surprise than you might expect.

Google explained that its AI Engine is powered and optimized by artificial intelligent software called “Google Now,” a collection of algorithms that make the search results displayed on its own web sites and other websites.

Google calls it the “Google AI Engine.”

The company announced in June that it had raised $8.2 billion, or about $13 billion in today’s dollars.

Google is a company that relies heavily on artificial intelligence.

It’s one of the largest tech companies in the world.

Its AI Engine can run in the background of your computer and perform tasks such as displaying webpages and reading text messages.

It can also run on mobile devices, and it can run on desktop computers.

Google says it was inspired to build an AI Engine after watching the technology used to help Google make its search engine more efficient.

Google says its AI System works by using information that Google knows about the world, such as geographic location, geographic proximity and a user’s history of searches.

This information is fed into a series of algorithms to create a better search result.

Google uses this information to deliver better search results.

The AI Engine also has a few other features.

It includes features such as a “mobile search engine,” which is a search product powered by Google’s mobile app, and a “web search engine” that can run as a web application or an app on mobile phones.

The other thing that Google says it does with its AI engine is help users make better choices.

It says it helps users choose more relevant ads based on a user history, location, or a user profile.

And it helps people find content by providing search results tailored to their interests, preferences and search terms.

This year, Google has been working to improve the AI system, and now Google Now, the AI engine, has been added to the search platform.

Google announced that its search engines are powered by “Google’s own AI,” but it’s not clear what the “AI” refers to.

Google has not said if the AI System was built with its own technology or if Google Now was built by an outside company.

Google has been pushing to improve its search results in recent years.

In 2018, Google launched Google Search, an improved search engine that was designed to help users find information faster and with fewer search queries.

Google Search now provides users with more relevant results for their searches and better search experiences.

Google’s search engine also offers a more personal search experience, which can be customized with search terms that match your interests, interests and preferences.

In July, Google introduced an AI feature that lets users search Google using Google Now when they’re connected to their Google account.

This allows users to search with the help of the “google” voice command that Google uses to ask for information.

The search engine will provide relevant results, including results based on the user’s location, history of search queries and preferences, the Google Search team said.

The AI Engine will provide personalized search results based only on your search activity and will deliver the best search results for you based on what you are searching for, the team said in a blog post.