How Google’s search engine optimization program is hurting Google search results

Bloomberg – The search engine giant’s search algorithm is making Google search engine results more generic and less relevant to search queries, according to an investigation by the Wall Street Journal.

The analysis, which focuses on Google search rankings in the United States, found that searches using search engine terms that include “lady” and “lover” were not as helpful as searches using terms such as “woman” and the phrase “woman’s love.”

Google’s algorithm also did not provide a “highlighted” or “followed” result when it came to searches that include the word “fertility.”

The analysis found that the search engine did not penalize search results for “losing” a search term or the term “family.”

Google also failed to provide a user’s name and phone number when it comes to the results of searches that refer to the phrase, “family planning.”

The search engine also failed in its attempts to reduce the number of “trending” searches, such as searches that ask users for a specific topic, the report found.

Google’s search algorithms do not rely on “human judgment,” the report noted, instead relying on data from machine learning algorithms.

The Wall Street journal said the search algorithm was not used in conjunction with Google’s proprietary data analytics software.