How to get a ‘true’ PS4 console to play the PS4 title “Escape From New York”

The next big step for console makers is to create consoles that can work with a variety of games, and that’s what Sony is aiming for with its new console.

But the company isn’t saying exactly what that means yet, and it’s still not clear what kind of hardware will be required.

The new consoles will require a “digital console,” which means you’ll have to buy one.

The company has also yet to announce any specs or price.

So, for now, Sony is focusing on what it wants its next-generation console to do: make games playable on PS4.

The next-gen PS4 will also likely come with a “gamepad,” as this new hardware is going to be used to control a PS4 with a physical pad.

That means the new console will be able to do things like “move a PS3 gamepad to a different spot on your TV, or swap a PS2 gamepad for a new PS4 one.”

So, the new hardware should allow you to “use your PS4 to play games like ‘The Witness,'” “Watch Dogs,” and “Gran Turismo 6.”

You can check out more details on the new PS3, PS4, and PS Vita from Sony’s press conference below.

Sony is also planning to unveil a new TV and projector, which will be used for the home theater market.

That would allow you “to create a whole new set of home theater experiences with a simple, stylish, and inexpensive projector.”