How to save a billion dollars from a computer engineer’s salary

The cost of a computer scientist’s salary is about 1.5 times the cost of the average American salary, according to a study released Thursday.

But the study estimates that saving the computer scientist salary would save $1.8 trillion over the next 10 years.

The study by the Washington-based think tank, the Economic Policy Institute, uses data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Association of Manufacturers.

The study uses data for about 5 million jobs across the country and covers a decade.

The economists found that, based on the current trends, the average salary for a computer science graduate in the United States is $69,000.

It is also $27,000 higher than the median salary for this level of expertise, according the study.

According to the study, a computer programmer with a bachelor’s degree in computer science who holds a top-tier position in a major software firm could save more than $8,000 annually by taking a pay cut to $25,000 from the current $34,000 salary.

That could pay for a car or a house in the next five years, the study estimated.

The computer scientist would be able to retire at age 35 and have a full pension of $150,000, the report said.

The average computer scientist is responsible for making a variety of software projects, including creating computer programs for computer networks, as well as creating software to process financial data and handle large data sets.

It was not clear whether the computer scientists’ salary could be increased or decreased in a number of ways, such as through a wage increase or through layoffs, the authors said.

In the study’s estimates, the computer programmer’s pay could be raised by up to 5 percent annually, but it would not be sufficient to offset the cost increases in the current economic environment, the researchers said.

The computer scientist might have to take on a new job to support himself and his family.

The research team also found that the average computer science student would save roughly $4,500 annually by cutting their salary to $50,000 or $70,000 and making less than half of their current job.