How to use the right search engine for your business

The search engine hoists, conservative search engine (SRS) has long been a darling of the tech industry.

With its vast library of search results and rich API, SRS has been used by billions of people to find what they want and need.

But this is no longer the case.

With the rise of AI, SRTs popularity has plummeted.

In a year of disruption, what’s stopping us from using SRS for the right purpose?

What if a company wants to build a smarter search engine?

What is the right approach to SRS?

The search engines that were once a cornerstone of the industry are not going anywhere.

Google, for instance, has gone so far as to make it a core component of its own search engine.

Its search results now look very different from the ones that would be offered by competitors.

And many of the leading search engines are changing their approach to search.

In this episode of Search Trends, we’ll explore what’s happening and how it can affect your business.