Marine Engineering Engineer Salary Guide

Posted September 01, 2018 09:53:56 As the world’s most advanced marine engineering workforce continues to grow, the top Marine Engineers earn an average of $175,000 per year.

The average Marine Engineer’s salary in 2018 was $181,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That compares with $168,000 for a similar position in 2019.

The BLS has also reported that the average Marine Engineering salary rose 1.4% last year to $179,000.

The top 10 Marine Engineers earned an average salary of $181.3 million last year, according a BLS analysis of U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security data.

Here are the top 10 earners in 2018: 1.

Tom Schoenfeld, Marine Engineering Chief Engineer, San Diego State University 2.

Richard Johnson, Marine Engineer, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Navy Base, Washington, D.C. 3.

Jason D. Pugh, Marine Engineers, Marine Systems Command, Naval Air Systems Command 4.

Daniel M. Zuchel, Marine Electronics Engineer, Marine Corps Support Activity, Coronado, California 5.

Ryan Bowers, Marine Mechanical Engineer, U. of Texas Marine Engineering, Austin, Texas 6.

Tom M. Sorensen, Marine Electrical Engineer, National Marine Systems Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 7.

Chris L. Oates, Marine Materials Engineer, Boeing Marine Materials Research Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 8.

James P. Bresnahan, Marine Chemical Engineer, Navy Department of Energy Research and Engineering, Fort Detrick, Maryland 9.

Kevin J. Schatz, Marine Manufacturing Engineer, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 10.

Scott D. McKeown, Marine Environmental Engineering, NASA Johnson Space Center, Johnson Space Centers, Houston, Texas