New reactors will be built at a cost of about Rs 6,000 crore

New nuclear power plants will cost less than Rs 6.5 lakh crore and could be built by 2023, according to a report in the Hindustan Times.

The report said the new power plants could be in operation by 2026.

The report, authored by a senior nuclear scientist, said the cost of the power plants is less than that of new power stations.

“The new nuclear plants would be constructed by 2027.

They could be up to five times bigger than the existing power stations, and could generate as much power as a small town,” the report said.

The cost of a new power plant could also be reduced by allowing existing facilities to be reused, the report stated.

The National Nuclear Power Corporation (NNPC) has already announced a plan to procure two more nuclear reactors by 2022.

It is also planning to buy two new power reactors for a total of four reactors, the NNPC has said.

“We have been able to procure all four of the new reactors.

It will be done by 2022,” said the NNC spokesperson, S.S. Chaudhary.

The NNC has also set up a joint venture with India Power Corp Ltd (IPPL) to provide power generation capacity for the new plants.

The consortium will be led by the NIPPL, and the project will have the capacity of generating 4,000 MW of electricity, the spokesperson said.

Nuclear power is not the only new technology being introduced into the Indian power sector.

New thermal plants and wind farms have also been announced.