When Tesla’s electric vehicles can’t keep up with demand, it’s time to ditch the batteries

The lithium-ion batteries used in Tesla vehicles are already a major source of electric vehicles’ capacity and range, and now that the company is building a mass-market, all-electric vehicle, they may soon be obsolete.Tesla, which started selling its Model S […]

Which industrial engineering job offers the most flexibility?

Industrial engineering offers many career options, but there’s also a great deal of flexibility in the field.In fact, a lot of employers have been making the switch from traditional management roles to a more flexible one, as the demand for […]

UK-based petrochemical engineering firm accused of rigging petrochemicals

A major British firm accused on Thursday of rigging petrol, diesel and petro-chemical engineering has been hit with criminal charges in the US.Key points:Royal Dutch Shell said it is cooperating with the criminal investigation by US authoritiesKey pointsPetroleum engineer Paul […]