How the world’s leading search engine, Google, will reinvent itself in 2017

A year ago, Google was a relatively new name to the search world.The company’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, were working as part of the technology startup incubator they didn’t want their company to be an echo chamber […]

How to replace your vehicle’s engine with a duckduckGo search engine engineer

If you’re looking to replace an engine in your car, the search engine DuckduckGO offers a service that could save you a ton of time and money.According to a recent survey conducted by DuckdukeGo, about one in three people in […]

Prometheus Engineering unveils ‘Small Engine’ for Fire Engines

Prometheus Engineering, the new company that designs and builds fire engines and turbochargers for small engines, is unveiling a small engine called Prometheus Engine on Thursday.The engine is the first of a series of products that Prometheus Engineering is developing […]