Tesla Motors Inc.: US carmaker to build ‘most reliable’ production facility in the world

Tesla Motors’ (TSLA) factory in California is set to produce more than a third of the world’s cars by 2040, according to a report published Wednesday by the US auto giant’s research and development firm.The report, titled “Building the Most […]

When Tesla’s electric vehicles can’t keep up with demand, it’s time to ditch the batteries

The lithium-ion batteries used in Tesla vehicles are already a major source of electric vehicles’ capacity and range, and now that the company is building a mass-market, all-electric vehicle, they may soon be obsolete.Tesla, which started selling its Model S […]

What jobs will be lost if Tesla loses the Model 3?

Tesla will lose as many as 7,000 engineering jobs in California if it shuts down production, according to an estimate released on Thursday.The California Department of Industrial Relations said that in 2018, Tesla lost around $3bn in annual sales and […]

Tesla’s next generation rocket engines may be more powerful than we thought

By Tom Miles article Tesla will be able to make rockets bigger and stronger than the first generation Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rocket, according to engineers from the company’s research and development team.The company is reportedly working on the […]