The UK will not ban Uber and Lyft drivers

The UK’s government is refusing to ban Uber drivers, saying that a court ruling will not stop it from continuing to offer its services to passengers.

The government said on Tuesday it would allow private companies to operate licensed taxi and private hire companies without fear of being sued.

Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing services have faced a series of lawsuits and regulatory restrictions, including a crackdown on carpooling and other restrictions on ride-hailing services.

The UK government said it will allow private firms to operate without fear that the court ruling would prevent them from continuing in the market.

Uber is suing the government, claiming that it should be able to continue operating as it has done for years without the threat of legal action.

The Uber drivers’ union, the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Union, called the decision “a defeat for drivers, consumers and the law.”