Unreal Engine 12 engine developers to join LinkedIn

Engines developers who were part of the original Unity Engine team that built the game Unreal Engine 4 will be joining the LinkedIn group as it seeks to diversify its workforce.

The move comes after LinkedIn announced earlier this month that it was creating a separate group dedicated to creating more developer-focused online education.

The company said the new LinkedIn group will “work collaboratively” with LinkedIn’s online engineering degree program, offering “high-quality education in a safe and welcoming environment.”

In addition to the LinkedIn-created group, the LinkedIn Group for Engine Software Development will also be expanding its reach to include “other engine developers” to “support and promote their work in an interactive and collaborative manner.”

Engines will join LinkedIn’s other “Engineering Education” groups, including LinkedIn’s “Engineing Education” for Computer Graphics, which includes a LinkedIn group focused on creating video tutorials for developers; and the LinkedIn “Engineers and Software Developers” group, which aims to promote “the skills and experience of engineers.”

LinkedIn announced that it had formed a new group dedicated “to creating more educational and job-related content for developers” and that it plans to have more “engineers and software developers” joining it by the end of March.

The LinkedIn Group has been used by developers for a number of years.

Its parent company, LinkedIn, has a history of creating a broad range of online education and job search programs.

But it also has a reputation for being a bit too focused on building software, with its first product, the Code Academy, a platform for “real-world coding” for schools.