When is a gas pump not a gas station?

Google’s latest update to its search engine, Google News, has given us some insight into how it works.

The update, which is now rolling out globally, adds a new option in the Search Results page.

Clicking this option will bring up a list of all the different types of fuel stations you can find within a certain radius.

We’ve added a picture of the list and the station’s name.

These stations are referred to as ‘GPS’ stations.

Google has also added a new feature that lets you search for the nearest gas station.

These new options also work on Google Maps, so you can see exactly where your petrol or diesel station is.

We’re happy to report that Google’s updated search engine also includes a ‘Gas’ option in its search results.

Gas is usually a gas that is extracted from a well or field, as opposed to a natural gas like propane or methane that is produced naturally.

You can find gas stations in the US, Australia and some parts of Europe, but you’ll have to go out and find them yourself. 

This feature has also been rolled out globally for Google’s search engine.

Google will be rolling out the feature globally to all users in the next few weeks. 

If you’re a petrol or fuel station owner, you should be looking to make sure you’re using the correct type of gas when looking up the closest petrol station.

If you’re looking for petrol and fuel stations outside of the UK, Google may be asking you to use the US or other countries. 

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