Which industrial engineering job offers the most flexibility?

Industrial engineering offers many career options, but there’s also a great deal of flexibility in the field.

In fact, a lot of employers have been making the switch from traditional management roles to a more flexible one, as the demand for new talent has skyrocketed.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t jobs out there for industrial engineers, and in this infographic, we’ve rounded up the best ones out there.

The most flexible positions in industrial engineering:ManufacturingEngineering:Manufacturers can have up to 20 employees on the floor and as many as 30 on the roof.

The majority of engineers work on manufacturing projects, but they can also work in other industries too.

There are three main categories of manufacturing engineers:Marketing and CommunicationsEngineering, as a whole, offers a wide range of roles, ranging from support roles to development roles.

However the vast majority of roles are focused on providing support and customer engagement to companies, as well as delivering data and analytics for their operations.

There are also many engineering roles for IT professionals, who tend to be a bit more restricted in their responsibilities.

They typically need to be involved in large projects, like testing, quality assurance and production.

There’s also plenty of engineering roles to choose from, like manufacturing, mechanical and aerospace engineering.

You can find more information on industrial engineering careers in our infographic, but in the meantime, here are the most flexible jobs out in the world.