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LinkedIn has launched an engineering career section on its site, to help users find engineers with expertise in their industry.

The new section aims to offer more people an insight into the types of people who are interested in engineering careers, the industry and what skills they might be good at.

It is similar to the Engineering Career section on LinkedIn. 

“This section is an exciting opportunity for those who are looking for a new career or who want to learn more about a particular industry,” LinkedIn’s Mark Jansson said in a blog post.

“If you’re looking for someone with engineering expertise, we want to know who you are, what you do, and where you want to go.

This information will help us to find the right engineer for you, and give you an edge in finding the right partner.”

For example, a user who is interested in aviation may want to look for engineers who can work in aviation operations, as well as engineers who have flown in and out of the cockpit.

There is also a section for software developers, who might also want to focus on developing apps for various industries, such as finance, retail, and health care.

“The new Engineering Career on LinkedIn offers the opportunity to find and connect with people who understand the field of engineering and the technologies that make up the world’s most advanced technology,” said LinkedIn’s executive director of engineering, Joe Klima.

“We’re committed to bringing you great engineering content and insights that will help you grow your career and your career network.”

As well as the engineering career sections, LinkedIn also announced it would be adding a new section dedicated to software developers. 

That section will be called Software Developer Career.

“For those who want a better understanding of the technology and how it’s used by the software industry, the new Software Developer career section will help users understand the tech ecosystem and how companies build and use their software,” said Klimas post.

“By offering a deeper dive into the software world, we’re giving you an opportunity to learn about and network with the developers behind some of the most innovative software companies in the world.”

The site has previously offered an engineering section for developers.

“We have a lot of engineering professionals who love working in engineering.

It’s a great way to meet the people who build our products, so we’re excited to be adding this new section,” Jansson added.

The LinkedIn Engineering Career page can be found at LinkedIn.com/engineering.