Why we’re getting the next generation of Tesla electric cars, but not in time for next year’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics

A new report says the next-generation Tesla electric car will be around the corner before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.

Tesla has been testing its cars in the UK, France, Australia and Germany, but it’s not yet clear if the car will hit the road until 2021.

The company said last week it had “delivered the first mass production of the next Model 3 electric car to Tesla customers in the U.S. and the U.”

The company is also working on a second Model 3, which is expected to be on sale by the end of 2020.

The car is currently on track to go on sale around 2021, though a new report by the New York Times claims the car’s production will slow down in the wake of the 2020 Tokyo Games.

The article says that Tesla will have only 1,000 vehicles on the road by 2021, and the company is expected only to make about half of that number.

The other half will be made up of a “super-large fleet of superchargers.”

Tesla will continue to manufacture its cars outside of the U., but will have to stop production of those cars in other parts of the world, the Times reports.

The report says that in addition to the U, Tesla is working on an electric car for use in Japan, where the company has a major production plant.