Windows 10 will include a new tool for building applications, says Windows architect Andy Rubin

Windows 10 is coming this fall and Andy Rubin is the architect behind the operating system.

The new Windows Developer Program is a tool for developers to build apps for Windows 10 that use the Universal Windows Platform.

This means Windows 10 apps can run on Windows 10 PCs and tablets and work with Windows 10 HoloLens, the headset that Microsoft is developing with HoloLens partner Intel.

That means the Windows 10 Developer Program makes it easy to build your own applications.

Developers will be able to create apps for Microsoft Edge, Cortana, and more.

“Windows 10 is going to be much more capable, more responsive, and much more flexible than ever before,” Rubin told Ars today.

He added that the program is not a replacement for Windows Phone.

“It’s just one way to get developers to get started with Windows,” he said.

This is Microsoft’s latest attempt to build a platform for Windows apps, which is why Rubin is now part of Microsoft’s Chief Strategy Officer team.

He joined Microsoft in February, just two months after he became the company’s new CTO.

This move is one of several efforts to create a Windows app ecosystem, and the move to create the new Windows 10 developer program comes as Microsoft continues to move away from the Windows Phone platform.

“We want to make sure that developers can get a great experience with Windows in a way that doesn’t take away from what we’re doing with our other platforms,” Rubin said.

“In order to do that, we’re creating the new program that will let developers create apps that can run across all of our platforms.”

Rubin said he expects developers will get a “very high level of flexibility” to use the new developer program, but it won’t necessarily be the same experience that they get on Windows.

For example, Microsoft will no longer allow apps to contain “any code that runs in any browser, anywhere,” Rubin explained.

The Developer Program will still allow developers to write native code, but that will mean they’ll have to include the entire Windows 10 runtime in the app.

Rubin also mentioned that he wants the new developers program to “keep pace with the rapid evolution of the PC.”

“I want the Windows ecosystem to continue to evolve, not just stay stagnant,” he added.

The Windows 10 Creators Update will come out later this year.

Microsoft is planning to release Windows 10 Insider Preview builds of the Creators update, which will include all the new features that Windows 10 developers will be getting.

Rubin said this is a “new” version of Windows 10, and it’s not going to look like Windows 10 7 or Windows 10 8.1.

“I think you’ll see a lot of the same things that you see in Windows 10 today,” he told Ars.

“You’ll get a very high level.

You’ll get Cortana, you’ll get the new things like HoloLens and the ability to run in the background.”